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Gypsum is one of the non – metallic minerals, composed mainly of hydrated calcium sulfate (CaSO4 2H2O). It is usually formed by precipitation of CaSO4 2H2O from solutions over saturated with respect to SO4-2 and Ca+2 ions. Gypsum is associated with varying amount of

carbonates, clays and other impurities. Naturally it can be found at many forms such as: selenite, satin spar (fibrous), gypsite and massive gypsum. Gypsum is used mainly for cement, ceramics industries and building construction.

HNM GROUP trade an ideal form of gypsum is used in producing Portland cement that used for construction (i.e. bridges, buildings, highways, and many other structures). It is also extensively used as a soil conditioner on large tracts of land in suburban areas and in agricultural regions.

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