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Rising demand for stainless steel and the rapid expansion of steel industry in countries like India & China over the last decade has resulted in a huge supply and demand gap for Chrome & Manganese. In view of the unique expertise in commodities like Chrome & Manganese, the HNM Group focused itself on trading operation with Chrome ore from the Sultanate since September 2009.

The trading operation has gained strength from the day one and the company has achieved a turnover of US$ Three Million within a short span of one year. With the success story behind it, the company has now diversified in to other commodities like Micro silica, gypsum and limestone.

The Group has also expanded its base out of the Sultanate boundary to countries like Turkey, Sudan and Somaliland apart from India, where this group’s companies have already ventured in to mining and allied activities.
The group has strategic long term tie ups with mine owners & suppliers in the mentioned countries along with the end users in India & China for their annual requirements thereby immunizing itself from the volatility and fluctuation of the market.

The group has always had an innovative approach to address the logistics requirement for its activities. The key to same is to evenly distributing the supplies over time. This ensures an effective utilization of logistical resources at a highly competitive price.

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