Hospitality & Environmental Solutions
  Innovative Environmental Solutions LLC LIC Oman.

Incorporated on YR 2015 in MUSCAT, With an unique vision of treating and recycling the sewage generated.

The company is a authorized representative of industry leaders in “Combined Anaerobic Filter and Contact Aeration Process” which not only treats the sewage in its closed tanks but also does not produce any sludge or foul odour.

The major difference between our systems and conventional sewerage treatment (FAB/SBR/MBR )reactor are as under:

1nos of 1MVA, single submerged arc Electrode with integrated metallurgical operations having production capacity of 2.5 MT of Copper Blister / day .

No sludge goes out of the system. The system digests the sludge and coverts it to water and CO2. In conventional system, sludge comes out of system and needs specific handling of excess sludge.

Extremely low power consumption is needed which reduces the power demand in operation.

Extremely less direction and civil cost vis a vis conventional system.

Gourmet Catering & Restaurant Management Co. LLC, Oman

Incorporated on the of 2014 in MUSCAT 'It starts with an idea, a moment of inspiration and a business opportunity.' In the world of fast food, Feast @ East is an attempt to bring the unique eastern Indian taste to the Gulf palate.

The recipe and taste of our food is not the quality of preparation. The food should be properly prepared and the service is prompt and courteous.

We offer at our outlets various types Rolls, Kebabs, Awadhi Styled food, Mughlai and Chinese dishes. You can Order Online or take away from our outlets .

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