Innovative Environmental Solutions LLC Oman.

Incorporated in the 2015 in Muscat, Oman, the company started with a unique vision of treating and recycling the sewage generated. The company is an authorized representative of industry leaders in “Combined Anaerobic Filter and Contact Aeration Process” who not only treats the sewage in its closed tanks but also does not produce any sludge or foul odour.

The basic difference between the system and conventional sewerage treatment systems are:

No sludge goes out of the system
No odor
Extremely low maintenance cost
Less civil and erection cost
Low power and chemical consumption
No stand-by power required. System can be operated on shutdown any moment.
Reusable clear water will only go out from the system as entire biological waste gets digested by the embedded bacteria.

The company is a one stop solution for various biological and industrial waste treatments and also render consultancy for various similar projects thus contributing for a greener earth.

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