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If a complaint is raised about our products we treat this seriously. All complaints and conflicts are handled in accordance with our Policy. The purpose of this policy is to describe and regulate the way that disputes are handled by TMT IMPEX PVT LTD/ HNM Group that are relating to the company’s activities. Disputes are divided into two broad categories – complaints and appeals. Appeals are raised by clients or applicants against the company. Complaints are any other disputes raised by any clients. In the case of complaints against the company , the complainant should first attempt to resolve the issue directly with the shipping agent prior to requesting that TMT IMPEX PVT LTD/ HNM group become involved. The client’s own dispute resolution process may be required prior to the company’s involvement. The company keeps a record of all disputes and remedial actions related to its activities, takes appropriate action and documents the action taken and its effectiveness. In the event that internal nonconformities related to TMT IMPEX PVT LTD/ HNM group policies or procedures are identified during the review process, corrective action will be implemented to address the nonconformity. Submission, investigation and decision on disputes do not result in any discriminatory actions against the disputing entity. The procedure below is followed upon receiving any dispute. Quality Manager is overall responsible for the implementation of this procedure.

1. TMT IMPEX PVT LTD/ HNM group commits to process any disputes submitted in written and recommends that any disputes are submitted in written. Received disputes will be distributed to a relevant Regional Office Manager and to the Quality Manager. In case the dispute is presented in relation to activities of HNM group legal entities, the dispute will be forwarded directly to HNM group Managing Director. Verbally submitted disputes or indirect evidence of non-conformance of TMT IMPEX PVT LTD/ HNM group clients with certification requirements presented in public reports, mass media, other public communications are forwarded to HNM group’s Quality Manager and Executive Director, who then evaluate if the evidence is of a substance and nature that it shall be handled according to this policy.

2. Immediately (within 7 days after a dispute is received), Regional Office Manager or Quality Manager register the received dispute in the Dispute Log in the company’s database.

3. Quality Manager is responsible for coordination of the dispute resolution process including steps described below. HNM group staff is designated to communicate to a disputing party about the resolution process and decisions. Dispute resolution team, which can consist of HNM group staff, Impartiality Committee members or external experts who are not involved in HNM group activities related to the dispute and don’t have conflict of interest in line with HNM group Impartiality Policy,

4. In case of a complaint against a TMT IMPEX PVT LTD/ HNM group client, HNM group designated staff will send documentation of the complaint to the contact person of the client in question. This must take place within 7 days of receipt of the complaint. HNM group will give the HNM group client an initial opportunity to provide their perspective on the issue, e.g. through the operation’s own version of the incident, historical background, etc. This may be done in either verbal or written fashion, preferably in written. Unless the disputing party requires remaining confidential, the original complaint may also be forwarded to the contact person of theHNM group client. All HNM group personnel will honor the confidentiality of the disputing party if requested or, in the judgment of HNM group, in case where divulging his/her name may be politically or personally inappropriate.

5. HNM group designated staff will provide initial response to disputing party, including an outline of the proposed course of action to follow up on the dispute within 14 days of receiving the dispute. HNM group designated staff is also encouraged to discuss complaints directly with complainants by meeting in person or by phone and try to address them at this stage. In case of a verbal conversation, it shall followed up by a written summary.

6. HNM group designated staff will keep the disputing party informed of progress in evaluating the dispute, investigate the allegations and specify all proposed actions in response to the dispute within 90 days of receiving the dispute. HNM group will provide written response to the disputing party within 5 days from the time that HNM group has finalized the investigation.

7. If the disputing party is not satisfied with the HNM group response, it may provide HNM group with a written response in relation to this matter. In such case HNM group will offer the disputing party to refer their dispute to the relevant standard setting body resolution process.

8. The process of handling a dispute is recorded by HNM group designated staff in the Dispute Log including investigation process and decision.

9. HNM group will determine together with the client and the disputing body, whether and to what extent, the subject of the dispute and its resolution should be made publicly available.

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